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Servicing Gippsland

“We understand that one static security service doesn’t fit all – That’s why we tailor our security solutions to each and every customer. ”

Are you in need of proven and tested professional security services for your venue or event?

Do you want to hire highly trained team of security professional personnel that sort to satisfy our clients with numerous years of experience in the industry?


  • E-mail: operations@nationalon.com.au
  • Address: PO BOX 475, Traralgon, Victoria, Australia 3844
  • Phone: 1300 857 539, 03 5176 1359 (Traralgon)
  • Get Direction ABN:  39 807 392 416 ACN: 61 5145 554

Choose National Operations Network today and have a feel of our experience and commitment for better service delivery. National Operations Network specializes in night club crowd control, event security and can also provide the service for your business needs to ensure the safety of your staff, your property and your attendees at high prolific events.

For security needs, you can count on us to deliver the best service, contact National Operations Network today!


Our affiliation with an Australia based company ensures our state of the art and licensed alcohol venues have an advanced scanning system installed. This is for the sole safely of our client’s venue and all attendees, to guarantee that there safety is never compromised. This advanced scanning system collects all relevant personal data inline with the personal information collection policy for Australia. All National Operations Network scanning systems are interconnected allowing each venue to log onto the data base seamlessly. With these scanning system technologies, we have the capacity to link all venues together and to ensure that trouble makers are spotted in real time before trouble can be caused again.


Innovation and invention at its greatest peak, each employee is digitally time tracked, making sure each venue is never over charged for hours. This allows for transparency for both the client and our company. This system has been installed and implemented to all staff that works for National Operations Network.


Cutting edge technology helps National Operations Network to be above it peers;this cutting edge technology enable us to work seamless around the clock to protect all assets and valuables of our clients. Allstaff undergo rigorous training and screening process to ensure the highest quality personal are hired. All staff have Current and valid RSA certificates & CPR qualification. All supervisors have Advanced RSA and Level 2 first aid to ensure any incident is handled with the highest skill required.


Tailoring security needs starts with us! We tailor our security Lanyards, Security Tags & manufacture our own LegallyComplying Security register which is sold around Victoria for better service delivery. We have custom made uniforms for each individual contract needs – With this approach we can help each business achieve their own imagination within the security presence.

National Operations Network is full of smart, driven people who take pride in their job & ensure the highest possible level of services is given, each and every time.

Hi, I’m Kris.

My passion with security and technology has taken me to this height of my career.

Few years ago I was just an employee learning the things about nightclub venue management, events & security management. More than 7 years of exposure to security industry ranging from Weddings, 21st– 50th, some major Bands including FloRider, Butterfly Effect & Hilltop hoods to name a few.

While others may not know, I have provided security advisories and coordinated security for events with over 25,000 attendees. I’m here and I’m ready to help grow your business without worrying about security.

VIC Accounts Manager
VIC Operations Manager

Hi, I’m Jess.

Aside from my interest with hiking & fitness, I am a “techy” person myself. I have this thing for gadgets like security cameras, motion sensors, alarms and stuff similar to these. More than five years of working in large corporations in the management level propel me to venture out a business I am passionate about.

Now, me and my business partner (Kris) are taking care of other businesses and residential customers when it comes to security management. Like what he said, we’re here and we are ready to help grow your business without worrying about security.